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About Us

AMRUTH BREWING COMPANY  "Discover The Divine Drink”

Amruth: “Nectar”- beverage of gods in India.Established in early 2018.

Worked with the Sly Fox Brewing Company to set up our 30 GAL micro system and worked with their head brewer on several test batches and Work with a series of guest brewers to develop styles and offerings ( brewers, home brewers, and distillers).

First beers were released at our restaurants in Pottstown and Oaks ( Cuisine India )in June of 2018.

Three core offerings:

  • lager
  • IPA
  • Pilsner & Mango summer Ale

    Our focus is on the relationship between raw nature and our cultural history in developing small batch beers for the local community.

  • Our craft beers and sharables from our kitchen are a great way to introduce consumers to Indian culture and traditions.
  • We’re not going to be the biggest craft brewery in town but we’re going to make great beers and be an active participant in our community.
  • We’re going to have a few core beers and offer seasonal brews throughout the year
  • we currently have three core beers in our portfolio and offered a very limited release of a Mango Summer Ale earlier this summer. We’re already working on our next offering for this fall.
  • Rebranding our current restaurants and putting them under the Amruth Brewing Co banner


    Pottstown & Oaks

    Personal Story

    Shaila Adluru

  • I grew up in Southern India
  • I came to the United States for my education and attended Southwestern University in Houston, TX
  • I became a proud citizen and have been in the US for 3 decades now
  • My background is in the Healthcare industry.
  • Working more on the administrative side.
  • I’ve always been active in my community and in 2017 I owned two restaurants ( Pottstown and Oaks ) and Amruth brewery/ social kitchen in Pottstown and Oaks Godavariruchulu & Amruth Brewery/ craft beer , wine & Spirits
  • This was a great opportunity for me personally, from a growth standpoint, as well as a vehicle to introduce the community to the amazing cuisines from India.

  • I love being part of my community, I’m a:

  • Montgomery County community college foundation board of director.
  • Township Board Member in Upper Providence Township.
  • Member of the Commission on Women and Families in Montgomery County
  • Member of several Student Outreach Programs and Scholarships in Montgomery County
  • I’m a active victims advocate and have been helping women for over two decades


  • I looked at it as and extension of the restaurants I opened and another opportunity to expose consumers to my Indian culture
  • I am actually the first, Indian-American woman-owned independent craft brewery in the United States


  • Maintain our core offerings
  • Release seasonal brews
  • Experiment with special programs
  • Expand canning opportunities
  • Work with local Indian restaurants to offer our beers
  • Reach Out

    We love hearing from people who love great beer!